Welcome to Beantown

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website!

Great news! We are relaunching the Beantown Pals brand! New characters will be joining the original cast of beans and experiencing a whole new level of whacky and excting adventures. With each adventure comes a lesson in life.

Encourage Your Child’s Creativity 

Our slogan Use Your Bean, Trust Your Heart, Build Your Character aspires to inspire, entertain and empower kids of all ages by providing award-winning entertainment brands that instill positive social values, build self-confidence (“Can Do” mentality), inspire self expression and promote creative imaginative play.

Beantown Pals is going through a complete relaunch. Our goal is to encourage today’s youth to use their creativity when using our figurines or attempting some of the exciting challenges from our activities page. 

The objective of our website is to offer Beantown Pal fans a central location to discover and enjoy the Adventures of Bucky and Betty. From discovering the history of our Beantown Pals to trying our the several challenges on our Activities Page, there is something for everyone.

We will be announcing pre-sale opportunities and new animation releases through our news page . Be sure to subscribe to our news page and stay up to date as we release new challenges with exciting prizes every month.

Sample Book Pages
Joyride Coloring Book 13-14
5 Ways to Enjoy Beantown Beans

Plenty to Keep You Entertained

For the next year we will be rolling out storybooks, activity books, board games, digital games, animated video segments, audio files, podcasts, stuffed dolls, and figurines for children and family members to enjoy.  To ensure the success of our brand, we intend to engage often and encourage feedback, especially with regards to yur experience with the Beantown Pal brand. 

Thank You Invoke Solutions

With the guidance and perseverence of Invoke Solutions, we successfully developed this single platform to gather and house all content. The staff at Invoke quickly identified several needs and developed the tools and technology solutions for them. They helped us to quickly identify our story, resulting in this eye-catching wesbite designed with the end user in mind. Words cannot sufficiently express our gratitude. 

In Beantown, diversity is celebrated. Every bean brings something unique to the community.

Beantown Pals is a collective of unique beans that bring their own special qualities into the town. Their different experiencs and perspective in life provide life lessons for children of all ages and backgrounds.

We hope that children from around the globe connect with our adventursome Beans. Our games and activities are designed for friends and families to bond while creating memories and learning lessons that will carry throughout a lifetime. 

Bucky and Betty Bean


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