Bucky and Betty Bean

Meet Bucky and Betty

Bucky and Betty are two of the most widely-known descendants of Jack’s magic beans! Join this dynamic duo in their whimsical, food-inspired community, where Beantown pals live in milk carton skyscrapers, cozy teapots, and gleaming cheese graters. Even their vehicles are items found in the kitchen!

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Use Your Bean

Visit our library of audio clips highlighting the adventures of Bucky and Betty. Let your mind flow as you imagine the sights that may accompany the hilarious exchanges of our Beantown Pals.

Cali Bean


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Susie Bean


Enjoy the wacky tales of Bucky and Betty in our beautifully illustrated children’s books.

Bucky Bean


Recreate or imagine your own Beantown adventure with any of our figurines.

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Don't Miss Out on Life's Moments

Don’t be like Betty and miss those magical moments in life! Break from the digital trap and carry a face to face conversation, instead of texting. Toss a ball, ride a bike, walk barefoot and enjoy the sands of the beach beneath your feet.

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