Have A Listen


Listen in as Boston comedians Tom Hayes and Tammy Pooler give life to Bucky and Betty and their wacky adventures!


Well Boys and Girls, another big day in Beantown. Bucky is on his way to the Fire Department to pick up Laddie, Beantown’s favorite firetruck. Betty is giving him a ride and it’s not going as planned.

Well Boys and Girls, we’re back at the Fire Station. We’re gonna find out what the authorities decided was best for Bucky and Betty after their joyride. Should be interesting!

More community service for Bucky and Betty following their joyride on Laddy the firetruck. Today, they’re with Garbanzo the Garbage Truck. Have a listen and hear what happens.

Today is a Big Day in Beantown because it’s inspection day for all of the spoons and the spoon racers. All of the Beans are up early because they need to get to the garage and have their spoon’s inspected. 

Hello Boys and Girls, well it’s another day at Beantown. Bucky’s been at the garage all day. He’s tired and he’s also been dying for an ice cream – his favorite ice cream. Let’s listen in as he calls Betty at the Double Dip.

It’s Sunday afternoon at Beantown. Following a hard week of work at the Beantown garage, Bucky is ready for a beautiful walk with Betty. Lets listen and see what adventures their walk leads to.

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