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Welcome to Beantown Boys & Girls, I’m Mayor Hasbean!

“These are very exciting times in Beantown! My friends Bucky and Betty are having some wacky adventures. You can read about them in our new books, and listen too them on our audio CD’s.

Follow all of the Beantown Pals, like Vain & Muncher, through their zaniness!”

  • – Mayor Hasbean
  • Joyride
    Bucky and Betty, the town’s favorite teens take Chief Spark’s fire truck, Laddie for a joyride. What ensues is a series of hysterical mishaps with Betty pushing every button including Bucky’s to set of alarms, bells, blasters, and the ladder drawing attention from police chief, Officer Lima, who pursues them and issues a ticket to complete community service.
  • Sunday Drive With Chester
    Betty surprises Bucky with her newest hobby–foster-caring Chester the Chimpanzee. Join them as a Sunday-drive date turns into a comedy nightmare as they attempt to return Chester to the Beantown zoo.
  • Race Day
    Betty is invited to be part of Bucky’s Pit Crew at the Beantown Speedway. The town’s villains, Wrecks, Vein and Muncher intend to ruin Bucky’s chances for a win by installing a series of booby traps to hinder his race. Betty learns that though this has been her dream, dreams do not come without problems and that life lessons come from overcoming adversity not from living an easy life.
  • Step On It!

Joyride, our first book is available now in paperback, Kindle & audio.

Raceday is available now in paperback& audio, coming soon to Kindle.

We are putting the finishing touches on our latest book, stay tuned…!


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